Veterinary Classes, Workshops & Speaking Options

Whether it’s veterinary classes, workshops, or speaking engagements, Dr. Heather Kvitko-White incorporates the process of using pragmatic medicine to provide excellent and yet cost conscientious care across all her professional presentations. She also highlights her own personal approach to internal medicine and how the free clues from the signalment, history, and physical examination help narrow down the differential list. Using her own unique and approachable style, Dr. Heather Kvitko-White shares her own tried-and-tested tips and tricks for getting the most out of your client’s investment into their pet’s health.


  1. Pragmatic Medicine is Excellent Medicine
  2. Follow the Leader to Be the Leader; The importance of Mentorship
  3. You Better NetWERK! 
  4. Why Veterinary Medicine Needs Teamwork
  5. Getting the Most out of Telemedicine; the Specialist’s Perspective


  1. Subclinical bacteriuria vs. cystitis? Why Our Words Matter In Lower Urinary Tract Disease
  2. It’s Complicated. Managing The Frustrating UTI Case
  3. Polyuria, Polydipsia, Polydifferentials!
  4. To Pee or Not to Pee; Micturition Disorders in Dogs and Cats
  5. Management of Acute Kidney Injury 
  6. Lost with Protein Losing Nephropathy? 


  1. Diabetes; What you really want to Know
  2. Advanced Diabetes Monitoring and the Freestyle Libre
  3. When Normal is Not Normal; Demystifying Endocrine Test Results
  4. Recognizing and Managing Today’s Hyperthyroid Cat
  5. Cushing’s Disease; What you Really Want to Know
  6. Calcium; The Highs, The Lows, and What You Need to Know
  7. The increasing role of endogenous ACTH in day practice

Gastroenterology / Hepatobiliary / Pancreas

  1. EnteropaPLEASE! A practical approach to Chronic GI tract disease in dogs and cats
  2. A Liver and a Figher; Canine and Feline Hepatobiliary Disease
  3. Protein Losing Enteropathy; PLEease help me help my patients

New content for veterinary classes, workshops, and speaking are being created all the time and can be made to order.
Let Dr. Heather Kvitko-White help you with your educational needs. 

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